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Maclean's- 2012 Guide to Canadian Universities :

Maclean's- 2012 Guide to Canadian Universities

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Now is the time to decide: Which university? How much will it cost? Is it beneficial to live on residence? What kind of learning environment is important to me? How can I get a Scholarship? Everything you need to know about Canadian universities is in one place: NEW Maclean's 2012 Guide to Canadian Universities. The Guide Offers: Profiles of 81 schools Updated Rankings Top programs What they cost Getting into the school you want: a step-by-step primer How to get a scholarship Smart Financial Planning 8–page college section The inside scoop on campus life Residences, Meal Plans and Social Activities How to eat well and stay healthy and much more! It's your future. Let Maclean's 2012 Guide to Canadian Universities help you get a head start.

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