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Maclean's- Book of Lists :

Maclean's- Book of Lists

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Have you ever wondered which cities have the most bars, smokers, absentee workers and people searching for love? What about how Canada compares to the world in terms of the size of its military, the size of our houses and the number of cars we own? The answers to all those questions, and many more, can be found in the first ever Maclean's Book of Lists, hitting stands in time for Canada Day. In 200 jam-packed pages of lists, ratings and rankings, covering everything from life and love to sports, business and politics, you'll also read about: Six riches-to-rags stories, Gordon Lightfoot's picks for the five best canoe trips in Canada, 12 things you didn't know were invented by Canadians and the top 10 crying hockey players of all time

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