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Maclean's - The Diamond Jubilee :

Maclean's - The Diamond Jubilee

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Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state for 16 realms, from Canada and Britain to tiny Tuvalu. Ten prime ministers have come and gone while she's been monarch, and 80 per cent of Canadians have known no other Queen. She is beloved, unwavering in her dedication and utterly tireless and this year marks her 60th year on the throne. In honour of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, Maclean's magazine has published a special Collector's Edition.

The Diamond Jubilee - Special Collector's Edition The parties, the fashions and the spectacle of a once-in-a-lifetime event. Over a four-day holiday weekend, Britain and the Commonwealth honoured the monarch's 60 years of service with trifles and rifles, a flotilla and a fanfare, and top hats and tails. Pick up this Special Collector's edition as Maclean's writers pay homage to her past and present through stunning photography and behind the scenes coverage.

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